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5 Signs That Your Security Locks Are Due For A Replacement

January 14, 2022

Even if you choose the sturdiest locks for doors in your home, there will come a time they need to be replaced. Detecting the signs and carrying out the necessary lock change is crucial to ensuring the safety of your homes, belongings, and loved ones. If locks are compromised, they could increase the risk of burglary and home invasions. Here are some of the signs you can look out for when it is time to change the lock.


Loose handles and knobs

Doorknobs and handles are made of several moving parts. As they are very frequently used, these can loosen over time. While securing them in place with a screwdriver may seem like an easy solution initially, as time passes, the mechanisms inside can wear down, and gears can become smooth. When this happens, the frames and material within the knob or handle cannot properly hold the lock in its place. Regardless of how often you try to tighten the handle, it will stay or become loose quickly. 


Deteriorated locks that jam

Even if the handle and knob are working fine, the locks can deteriorate. There are several reasons for this: natural aging, corrosion, and lack of maintenance are a few of the most common ones. Though the locks will continue to work, they may become jammed. You may also have difficulty inserting the key into it. If left unattended, the lock can eventually break.


You let go of employees.

Many homeowners prefer duplicating keys and giving a copy to their employees or household staff. This includes babysitters, nannies, gardeners and even housekeepers, for easy and convenient access to the home which is sometimes necessary for the job. However, they may not all return the duplicate keys when they leave. Even if you take them back, there is a chance they could have taken a copy of the key. It is best to change the locks to ensure that your home remains secure and nobody gets unauthorized access inside.


The keys are missing.

Keys can easily become misplaced. If this happens to you, you should consider changing the lock instead of waiting for them to turn up or using a spare. It is especially important if your key has information regarding your name, contact number and address attached to it. Whoever finds the key can easily enter the home. Even if the details are not attached, you should still change the lock as it is possible someone with ill intentions may have taken it. 


The locks have been withstanding the elements for an extended time.

All locks have an approximate lifespan wherein they can withstand the weather conditions before they become compromised. Even high-quality external locks are typically meant to last for only seven years maximum. They need to be changed because moisture can enter the lock system and freeze, causing the lubricants to clot and mechanisms inside to fail. Searingly hot temperatures could result in parts melting or having fatigue cracks making them more vulnerable to breakage. 


While some of the above signs may seem unlikely, it is always best to take all precautions necessary instead of regretting not doing them later. The cost of failing to change locks on time is high. You would put not just your belongings at risk, but the safety of your loved ones too. For more information on key duplication and other services, contact us at Modern Key.