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5 Signs Your Door Locks Need Replacing

March 7, 2022
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The external door locks are the first and most important line of defence against intruders, that keeps our home and properties safe and secure. This is why it’s very crucial that your door lock systems are fully functioning and are in suitable condition to ensure an optimal level of protection. As of recent statistics, on average 34% of break-ins occur through the front door. Here you’ll look into some key signs that probably say your door locks may need to be replaced to tighten security. 

Your House Was Recently Broken Into

Replacing your lock is a must if your house has been broken into recently. The only exception here is when the intruder has broken in through a window or unlocked door. 

There are two possibilities when someone breaks into your home through a locked door: (1) Someone has a spare key, or (2) Someone was able to pick your locks with a tool. In either case, the security of your lock has been compromised and so should be replaced with a new one. 

Someone Has Spare Keys to Your Locks

There are many instances where someone other than you may have spare keys to your home. This can be your roommate who is no longer staying with you, ex-partner, or it can even be with your neighbour. 

While you can surely retrieve these keys, there is no guarantee if these people have already made copies of them.  Even in such cases where you doubt possible break-ins or unauthorized access, the safest option is to get a lock change

The Door Locks Are Loose

It’s natural for door locks and handles to loosen over time with frequent use. A loose door lock usually occurs due to loose screws in the lock or because the internal components of the locks don’t connect the way they should to function properly.  Loose door locks and handles can be easily broken and also makes it difficult to lock and unlock doors properly. The easiest option to solve this issue is to replace the locks. 

The Lock Is Jammed

There are many reasons why a door lock can be jammed. According to many locksmiths, a jammed lock is mostly a result of build-up debris that blocks the internal mechanisms of the lock. Your key can also get jammed and stuck in the lock due to a jammed lock, especially if the bolt is faulty or broken. This can also signify an attempted break-in. If too much pressure is exerted into a jammed lock, the key can be broken in the lock resulting in you getting locked out of the house. So if you feel the lock is jammed, it’s always best to replace them sooner to avoid inconvenience and emergency situations. 

The Locks Are Misaligned

Sometimes the door latch or bolt is not aligned with the strike plate, which prevents the lock from closing and operating effectively. This also makes it difficult to open and close the lock, wanting a lock replacement. When the parts of the locking mechanism are not aligned to the lock, you can’t lock the door. This problem mostly occurs when the locks are not properly installed or as a result of warped door frames that change the shape and fall out of place with the lock. 

Besides these, if your lock cylinder keeps turning, the key is difficult to run inside the lock, door handles are stiff, the key won’t go into the lock, the key turns but it won’t lock or if there is rust on the lock, they are reliable signs to get your lock changed- the sooner the better.