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5 Things To Consider When Changing Your Door Locks

March 28, 2023

There are a few issues that the majority of homeowners concentrate on and consider while relocating to a new home. Nevertheless, there is something more crucial that they consistently disregard —changing the locks on their house. One of the first things you must do when buying a new home—especially if it has been someone’s residence for a long time—is change the locking system. You never know who will have access to it before it is given to you, after all.

Rekeying Door Locks

Rekeying door locks is the most typical method of changing door locks in most apartment-style buildings. This procedure doesn’t necessitate removing the complete door lock, unlike others. But, it requires realigning springs and pins inside the door lock mechanism to perfectly match the new key.

Rekeying When Moving

Several people, including real estate agents, home contractors, and subcontractors, frequently have keys that let them access house doors when it is under construction, whether it is new or old. No matter who they are, as a homeowner, you don’t want the security of your house to be in their hands. As a result, your door locks must be rekeyed, but this is usually your builders’ obligation.

Every time you move into a new home, rekeying is recommended. You never know how many keys there are that can open your doors, after all. Hence, whether you’re purchasing a new or old property, you should aim to have the door locks rekeyed. It is best to examine your lease contract for provisions on changing your door locks before moving forward if you intend to rent a property. You could be required to give your landlord a new duplicate key.

Replacing the Damaged Door Lock

Door locks deteriorate over time, just like any mechanical component. Your locking system’s internal mechanism may eventually become harmed if you frequently lock and unlock your door or use the wrong key to open your locks. That can result in a key that’s a little tough to turn or pull out.

Rekeying your door locks might not be the best course of action in this situation. Because pre-existing issues will still linger, rekeying cannot fix a broken locking mechanism. Instead, you should have your entire door lock taken out and replaced with a new one. Despite the cost of hiring a professional locksmith, your family’s safety and security cannot be compromised.

Changing Locks When Keys Get Lost

It’s crucial to get your entire door lock rekeyed when you lose your keys, whether they were stolen or simply lost. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop someone who had your keys from breaking in uninvited to your house or other places. But why rekey rather than replace?

Rekeying is the most practical choice if the internal locking mechanism is still in excellent shape and just the keys went missing. If the single key to that door lock has vanished, you merely need to replace the lock entirely with the help of a professional locksmith. Rekeying is dependent on the original key; without it, rekeying is not feasible.

Better Locks Mean Better Security

Most homeowners opt to replace their door locks with more secure ones after a string of illegal invasions, burglaries, and heinous crimes. Very sophisticated technology is available in modern locking systems, which simplify and enhance home security. Modern door locks open a closed door using keypads, key cards, or biometrics rather than conventional, easily lost keys. Simply imagine it as using a password to open your phone.

Also, you may control and program contemporary door-locking systems using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. If someone you know and trust needs to enter, you can open and lock the door even if you’re miles away from your house.