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7 Ways To Maximize Car Security In A Public Parking Space

January 28, 2022

Our cars are more than just a tool to get from one place to another. To many people, their cars are a valuable asset to their family, and it can be troubling when something happens to them. While you can do a car key replacement if a key is lost, there is not much that can be done when your entire vehicle or parts of it are stolen. Car theft is an issue that people face worldwide, and the UAE is no stranger to this. There have been many cases involving car theft year-round, with cases spiking during summer. Vehicles parked in public spaces are most at risk as there is little scrutiny by guards or authorities. To ensure your car remains safe, opt for the following protective measures you can take. 


Opt for a space within sight of CCTV cameras

Robbers are more likely to target vehicles in areas where CCTV monitoring is unavailable or inadequate. When parking your car, try to find a space within sight of a CCTV camera. Even if it is that of a store or a stranger’s home. The presence of the camera alone can deter thieves. If they still take your vehicle or its parts, you will have access to footage that can help you identify the robber and retrieve your car.


Hide valuables when parking

If you have valuables in the car, it is best to hide them within storage compartments or take them with you. If they are left out in the open, they could tempt thieves to break into the vehicle. 


Park close to places with a lot of foot traffic.

When parking, opt for places near areas with high foot traffic. It could be either beside stores or footpaths in busy areas. The presence of people will deter robbers as it increases the likelihood of getting caught or being seen. If a robbery does occur, you will likely have witnesses who could help you track the vehicle. 


Make sure to keep track of your keys.

When you are in a rush, you may likely misplace your keys or fail to take note of them if they fall. A lost car key in a public parking space can make your vehicle extremely vulnerable to theft. While some good samaritans may return them to you, there is a higher possibility that whoever finds the key may steal your vehicle and its contents. It is best to always check your person and make sure you have the key before leaving a car in a public space.


Install a car alarm

Car alarms are an excellent way to deter thieves as they bring attention to the vehicle and its location. It alerts everyone nearby that someone might be trying to get unauthorized access to a car or forcing their way in. While most modern cards have them factory-installed, older models typically do not, so consider having one installed for the safety of your vehicle. 


Install a car immobilizer

They are an electronic anti-theft device that prevents the vehicle from being started if the proper key fob isn’t used by disabling the fuel and ignition systems. While most modern cars have the push key system, which ensures they cannot start without the key, older cars do not have this. The latter can be powered on by tampering with the wiring. Most thieves also target older vehicles as they do not have the common safety mechanisms installed, so it is vital to install the car immobilizer.


Use wheel clamps

Wheel clamps are a great last line of defence if a thief has started the car. The clamps are attached to the wheels in a y-shaped lock that makes it impossible to move the vehicle. They also cannot be removed without the necessary tools. Most thieves ignore cars that have them on, as stealing the car can be a hassle. 

Before leaving your car in a public parking space, always make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned above. They will help protect your vehicle and give you peace of mind regardless of how long you plan to leave it in that space. For more information on securing your vehicles and services such as car key programming in Dubai, contact us at Modern Key.