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Aspects To Consider Before Installing A Smart Lock

June 14, 2022
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In recent times, smart locks are becoming a popular security system both in residential and commercial properties. They are mostly sought because of their advanced security mechanism which is facilitated through technology, making it much more reliable and sustainable compared to traditional locks. However, if you’re considering a lock replacement into a smart lock, here are some key aspects you need to focus on to make sure your investment is worth it. 



One of the most important aspects you need to consider when looking at the smart locks available is their features. Locksmiths generally recommend residents and commercial owners look at a four-way access feature which includes a password, RF card, cylinder key, and biometrics. 

It’s also advised to look into the three most recent compatibilities like Amazon Alexa key voice unlocks/lock, Amazon Key, and ring alarm, without the need for an additional Z-wave hub (It is the controller/gateway that provides functionality within your smart home and controls commands you want it execute). 

These features assure convenience and hassle-free handling/controlling alongside tight security which suits the primary lock requirements of both residents and office owners. 


 Battery Life

As smart locks are powered by battery, it’s always a good idea to look into the battery aspects of the models you’re considering to install. Look at features that show how much battery life is left and come up with an appropriate emergency power backup so you don’t get frozen out due to a dying lock battery. 

Usually many smart locks keep the standard key cylinder for backup while others have solar power battery backup. In addition make sure the battery compartment is easy to reach and access for battery replacement, or else you’ll have to constantly find the need to seek professional assistance to get it done. 



Having the option of many ways to open a smart lock is another convenience aspect that you should look for before buying or installing a smart lock. For example, a keypad allows you to unlock a door when the phone is dead , and a bluetooth smart lock can help with unlocking if the home Wi-Fi is down. 

More recently smart locks can also be accessed and unlocked by voice controls or even through the use of an app no matter where you are. As long as the smart lock facilitates more flexibility in locking and unlocking your door, the more freedom, security, and convenience you can ensure. 

Customized Access

Having the option of customized access in your smart locks before installing them gives you the ability to have custom codes for different people you need to give access to. For example you can give your children one code and your gardener or the dog walker another. 

You can also set these custom codes to run at specified hours or periods for maintenance staff. These codes-restricted within a timeline will also be inactive outside the specified hours, thereby giving you more control over who can access your home. 

Besides these, you can also tighten up the security with smart locks further by setting them during installation to receive real-time alert notifications, both text and email. That way when the door locks are unlocked you’ll know which custom code was used. This handy feature lets especially parents know if their children have arrived from school or if they get late. 


Another crucial aspect to consider when installing a lock and which is also something mostly stressed by locksmiths includes security alerts. Buzz alarms when the door lock is tampered with or when the door is left open alerts you of risky situations, especially those like break-ins. 

Some smart lock models even feature automatic switch to ultra-sensitive mode after the first buzz alarm rang due to tampering. This feature easily allows you to detect the return of an intruder. These alarms can be set to ring for a few second ir minutes or even be enabled with auto-off features – whichever suits your convenience. 

Considering these security aspects of your smart locks not only tightens the security of you and your family but also those of your valuables.