Important Benefits of Having a Spare Key

Benefits of having a Spare Key

December 14, 2022

Many people still do not have an extra set of keys for their house today. Even though many locks come with two or three keys when purchased, it is still surprising that people choose not to have their master keys duplicated for a variety of arbitrary reasons, such as practicality or due diligence. Having a spare set of house keys or a copy of your house keys is crucial. The reasons for why it’s crucial to keep extra keys at home are highlighted below.

Spare Keys Help you Save Time and Money

Keeping an extra key at home is always economical. If you have a spare key, you won’t need a locksmith as often to unlock your locked door. Additionally, it will save you time while you wait for a locksmith or repairman to show up. Having a spare key is less expensive than paying more money when your locks or keys malfunction. It also takes away the concern of losing your primary key because you have a backup to use in that scenario.

Other Family Members have Access with Spare Keys

We can’t always predict when a family member will arrive while we are gone only to discover that nobody is home. The convenience of giving your family members access to your home is provided by spare keys. which proves to be very useful when you are not present. By doing this, they can avoid having to call you just to get the door opened.

Prevent Problems with Broken Keys

The best way to prevent your keys from breaking and thus preventing lockouts is to have a spare key that you can use in addition to your master key. Broken keys are one of the most frequent causes of lockouts, and having a spare key reduces the likelihood that your master keys will break. Keys do deteriorate over time, so it’s critical to check them for any signs of nicks or chips.

Replacements are Simpler With Spare Keys

You must visit a locksmith to obtain a replacement key if you lose, break, or have your keys stolen. Additionally, they frequently ask if you have a spare key. The ease of cloning duplicate keys allows you to easily replace your originals.

Stop Car Lockouts

Almost anyone can experience this, regardless of how good you think your memory is. Having a spare key in a convenient place can make all the difference if you manage to lock the door of your car but leave your key inside the vehicle. This will prevent you from needing a locksmith or running the risk of damaging the finish on your car in order to get your keys back.

You can create multiple spare house keys to give to people you trust. The number of spare keys will depend on your preferences. Giving a spare key to a neighbor you can trust or a family member who lives close by might be a good idea, but keep in mind that doing so could compromise your security. We advise you to keep the number of spare keys you distribute to a minimum.

One of the best ways to minimize time and money wasted is to use a spare key. The knowledge that they won’t be stuck in a lockout for very long, should they ever find themselves in one, is one of the many benefits spare keys offer their owners.