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Can You Cut Keys At Home?

April 21, 2022
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While you can cut your keys at home using DIY tricks, it still has a high failure rate and in fact, may end up doing more harm than good for your locks and their mechanism. This can also result in a waste of time, money, energy and even resources. You will have to keep re-cutting the key to solve your issue which can easily cause frustration. 

In worse cases, cutting your own keys at home and trying to unlock a door may damage the locks severely needing a lock replacement. To avoid the hassle and unnecessary costs, key cutting and pretty much any other locksmithing service is best left to professionals. 

Here are some other reasons why you should not cut keys at home and leave it to a professional locksmith service provider. 

Leaves No Room For  Errors 

When you cut keys at home you will typically need a copy to use as the base. If you don’t have this, the probability of making errors is higher. In contrast, as professional locksmiths have plenty of experience and the required skill set, they can cut keys even when they don’t have the original key or copy. 

Sometimes even if you cut your key using a copy of the original key,  the groove depths of the door lock’s key code will not be matched as they should. This will not allow the newly cut key to unlock a door, which will need adjustments. As professional locksmiths have the right tools, they can cut the key with details that will perfectly match and sync with the door lock to open it. Locksmiths can also do this in a relatively short span of time in just one go than if you did it by yourself. 

Make The Perfect Cut Details 

One of the many reasons why key cutting by yourself fails is because the base key is worn-down, which gives inaccurate details for the new key to be cut. It’s natural that with daily use, keys can lead to wear and tear. If such a base or original key is matched to cut a new key the end result will be inaccurate and may not fit into the locking mechanism and work the way it should. 

Locksmiths know how to handle any such situation where there is a broken or worn key. They have all the necessary tools and gadgets to determine every detail of the key and gauge them to cut an exact copy. 

Sometimes even with the right machine, cutting a key at home can still be inaccurate as it calls for professional and meticulous cutting. The non-professional cutters may not even know if the device they are using is out of alignment. This inaccuracy will make you want to re-do the process many times as the key will not work properly. 

Uses Of Expert Knowledge And Standards 

Key cutting doesn’t deal with the key alone. It requires special knowledge and experience which includes learning how the key works with the lock. There are many rules and standards locksmiths follow to make sure the key cutting gives the best result in terms of performance and longevity. This kind of knowledge cannot be gained by following DIY tricks. 

For example, if the lock is a pin tumbler type, a common rule is to avoid a thin universal key to unlock the door, as it can quickly make the key loose and eventually damage it in the end. Similarly, using small keys in the same pin tumbler type lock can increase the risk of the top pins falling into the barrel chamber, which can result in a seized lock. This is why the right type of key blank should be used to ensure the keys are reliable for long use.