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Car Security Tips: 5 Ways To Prevent Break-Ins

February 7, 2022
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Thieves have become increasingly savvy in using different key duplication techniques to steal cars. More recently they have also mastered the skills to switch vehicle identification numbers to avoid break-in and theft detection. It’s also believed that nowadays, most break-ins are aimed at stealing valuables inside the car rather than stealing cars itself. So how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim of these? Here are 5 simple car security tips you can follow to prevent break-ins and theft. 

Lock Your Doors And Windows 

As obvious as it may sound, the first and best way to avoid break-ins is to lock your doors and windows when you leave them parked. Thieves can get access to your car even if you lock the door and keep the windows open. So get into a habit of checking your car doors and windows every time you leave the car. If you had a recent break-in, then it’s best to get a lock replacement to prevent future break-ins. 

Cover/Disguise Valuables

As mentioned, one of the common reasons for break-ins nowadays is to steal valuables. So naturally, the probability of a thief wanting to get into your car increases if they happen to see something valuable, or if they feel they can get hold of something. 

To reduce the possibility of this happening to you, cover your valuables when leaving your car parked. Make sure to keep your purse, laptop, bags, or briefcase covered discreetly. If you’re keeping your car parked for an extended period of time, then simply secure your belongings by keeping them in the trunk. 

Park Under The Light 

This is one of the most commonly used security tips to prevent break-ins. Parking in light or well-lit areas puts the thieves at risk of exposure. If you think about it, almost all burglaries happen on the cover of the night.

It’s not difficult to imagine breaking into a car in the shadows, parked out of sight from a house, but doing the same under a blaring light is a lot riskier for thieves.  If you live in a dark and rather covered neighborhood, then try to install a motion sensor light near the wall or post where you park the car. 

If you catch somebody trying to break into your car, then it’s best to consider a lock change immediately, as their chances of making a duplicate key for your existing lock is higher. 

Use Warning Stickers 

A unique sticker or decal indicating the protection systems like the threat of alarms, whether the car has it installed or not, can scare away thieves easily. Make sure to have the sticker in a palace where anyone can easily see it. While it can’t prevent break-ins entirely, it’s a great way to deter potential thieves.

Install Sensitive Or Unusual Alarms 

You can tighten up your car alarms by adding an unusual or scary sound that can potentially ward off a thief in the process or alert sympathetic onlookers. You can also try to increase your car’s sensitivity where if someone tries to open the door when it’s locked the alarm will start emitting noises. 

Changing the alarm sounds into an aftermarket one is not difficult. Be creative with sounds and choose ones that are rather paralyzing, like a train horn, a fake police call, or a bomb countdown. They make it funny and really effective in preventing break-ins. 

Car break-ins are not inevitable but surely practicing some simple daily habits and using more creative security options like the ones discussed above can go a long way in preventing such unfortunate incidents.