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Common Types Of Locksmith Services

April 14, 2022
Dubai Locksmiths

When it comes to locksmith services, there is no such thing as one size fits all. Depending on the nature of locksmith service requirements, you can call a more specific type of locksmith. Here is a small breakdown of the most common types of locksmith services and what each of them offers. 

Residential Locksmith Services 

This is one of the most common types of locksmith services, that offer services that cater to residential locksmith lock and security needs. If you have any security issues or concerns about your residential property, then a residential locksmith is the go-to option. 

Generally, a residential locksmith provides services such as re-keying, lock replacement and repairs, home key duplication, and key cutting. They can also conduct a home security audit for a new house or an existing one to find out what kind of locks are needed, and where to strengthen the security of your house. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

This is a type of locksmith service that is exclusively catered to businesses and commercial properties. If you’re running a small, medium or large-sized business, and have security requirements to be fixed, then a commercial locksmith is the one to go for. Commercial locksmiths are familiar with multi-use security systems and locks, and more recently are specialized in keyless lock systems as well. 

Depending on the country you’re living in, business premises are required to meet certain safety standards set by relevant legislative bodies. A commercial locksmith will help you make sure you’re adhering to these security rules within your commercial properties. A fully licensed commercial locksmith will be able to ensure they are using the right approaches to establish the security of employers, customers, and the general public when compared to regular locks. 

 Emergency Locksmith Services

Although many locksmiths claim they are available 24/7, sometimes you may need a locksmith who specializes in the area of emergencies. In fact, many homeowners believe that they are the ones who are truly available regardless of the time or day. For example, if you have a broken door in your house, locked out of your car or house in the middle of the night, or if you’re suspecting a burglar attack, then an emergency locksmith service, can help you resolve the issue in a matter of few minutes when compared to regular locksmith service, as they are specialised for emergency situations. 

Also, it’s important to note that this type of locksmith service is arranged according to the needs of the customer. This means that even if you call at 4 am in the morning, you won’t get replies from an answering machine but speak directly to a professional emergency locksmith. 

Automotive Locksmith Services 

This is a type of locksmith service that specializes in providing lock and related security solutions for vehicles like cars, vans, bikes, trucks, or even industrial vehicles. The frequent advancement of car key programming and car key and locking mechanisms demands special automotive locksmithing skills that can provide services without damaging the vehicle. 

 Safe Locksmith Services 

Only professional locksmiths are specialized in the areas of safes and vaults. This type of locksmith service requires extra skills and knowledge in comparison to regular locksmith services. This service is used if you want to protect your files, data or valuables without professionally destroying them.