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Door Lock Issues You May Face During The Summer

June 28, 2022
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Summer is around the corner, and all of us are preparing our AC units to cope up with the heat and to keep ourselves cool. But have you ever wondered how the summer may affect your locks? Or would it be better to ask if you know the summer heat can affect door locks? If this sounds new to you, then here are some common door lock issues that you may face in summer according to professional locksmiths


Heat Expansion 

The primary door lock issues you may face in summer results from the expansion characteristics of wood and most other common door materials. During summer, the heat causes wood to expand, making the lock inside it stiff or the key may not fit into it properly because of the expansion. While this can also occur with plastic doors, the effects are less likely to be severe than a wooden door. 



Another common lock issue that you may face during summer results due to humidity. Ultimately, humidity is higher in the summer because warm air holds more moisture. Higher levels of moisture in the air cause wooden doors to warp around the lock and press rigidly against the door frames. This can cause your locks to suddenly jam, making it almost impossible to lock and unlock the door. 



It’s often recommended to keep any heat source away from doors as it prevents them from swelling. Similarly, harsh summer heat can cause a door to swell, especially interior doors if your home is humid. Just like with heat expansion, when the door swells, it causes door locks to tighten and jam , making it difficult to lock and unlock them. 

If you feel the hot weather has interfered with the mechanism of your door lock then you would likely need the assistance of a locksmith. Depending on the severity of the issues, they may do minor repairs or suggest you a lock replacement with a more hardwearing type. They can also provide you with suggestions and maintenance tips so you can increase the longevity of your locks through all sorts of temperature and seasonal fluctuations. 


Preventative Measures

Fortunately, there are some preventative measures you can take to avoid these issues or to keep summer from affecting your door locks extensively. Some of them are as follows, 


  • Whenever you have new locks installed, make sure you are working with a professional locksmith. They have the expertise and strategic skills to ensure the door lock is properly fitted to the door frame in a way that can minimize the issues resulting from changing weather. 
  • Consider replacing wooden exterior doors and frames that are more exposed to heat with durable options and those that can withstand and be more resistant to extreme temperatures. Some common recommendations for this include aluminum, fiberglass, and steel. 
  • Give proper maintenance to locks by oiling them regularly. This will make locks easier to turn and operate even when the weather changes. 
  • Always try to keep locks dry and away from ositure. Ensure that overhangs, eaves, and gutters are sufficient to keep rain and snow away from coming in contact with the doors.