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Effective Ways To Get Your Car Key Out Of A Locked Vehicle

March 14, 2023

Several of us have been known to unintentionally lock the ignition keys to a car inside our cars. Although it may be inconvenient, becoming upset won’t make the problem go away and may even keep you from seeing an obvious solution. But first and foremost, contact 9-1-1 to request assistance if there is an emergency and a child or animal is locked in the car. If it’s not an emergency, take a big breath, assess the situation, and attempt one of the next five methods to open a door so you may retrieve your keys before taking drastic action that could harm your car:

1. Check all the doors

Try opening each door, the trunk, and the hatchback as you circle your vehicle. One of them might not be locked or closed. Do you also have an extra ignition key at your house? If this is the case, and you’re not too far from your home, ask a relative or reliable acquaintance to bring it to you.

2. Call for roadside assistance help

Even though you might have to wait a bit for assistance, it will be worth it to have a professional locksmith open your automobile without breaking anything. You may always hire a nearby tow truck company to do the same thing if you don’t have roadside help, you’ll have to pay them a price.

3. Use a pump wedge

An auto-entry tool called a pump wedge is available at most hardware and auto supply stores. It is an inflatable instrument used to widen doorways so that the lock may be reached. Don’t overinflate the wedge cuff or you risk damaging the door of the car. Instead, slide it into the top of the door and inflate it until there is a little space. You’ll need a wire coat hanger or another long, thin device, such as a slim jim, to slide through the opening once you’ve made a small opening and press the unlock button.

4. Call a locksmith

Find local locksmiths a reliable local locksmith. Some don’t deal with car lockouts, while some do. Making calls and asking around won’t do any harm. Naturally, you’ll have to pay the locksmith when they show up for their services.

5. Use wood or plastic wedges

Even if you do own a pump wedge, odds are good that it is stashed away in your house or car trunk. A less expensive but equivalent approach entails utilizing two wood or plastic wedges unless there is a locksmith hardware store nearby where you may purchase a pump wedge. Put one in the front near the windshield and the other in the top corner of the door. To avoid damaging the door, carefully and slowly create a space between the door and the car’s frame. Once you’ve made a little gap, slide a wire coat hanger or another long, slender object through it and press the unlock button.

Those who frequently lock their keys in their vehicles should take some preventative measures to avoid future time, expense, and hassle. We advise installing the manufacturer’s mobile app for your vehicle and you can also keep a spare key in a convenient place, like a small magnetic safe underneath the vehicle which can come in handy.