The Most Common Door Lock Issues Locksmiths Face

Finding the Most Common Door Lock Issues

December 28, 2022

Typically, the first person you call if you have a lock, key, door, or window issue is a locksmith. They are specialized tradespeople with extensive training, expertise, and qualifications who know locks inside and out and can solve a wide range of lock-related issues. But what exactly do locksmiths do, and what kinds of issues do they typically solve?

Locksmiths have dealt with a wide range of issues, including stuck locks, misaligned doors, broken keys, and faulty locking mechanisms, and they typically know the best solution. Continue reading as we examine some of the most typical door lock issues locksmiths run into and how they can be fixed.

Malfunctioning Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is frequently the cause of a door not locking or unlocking when the key turns in the lock. You could take it apart and have a look for yourself to see if there are any small worn-out or faulty parts if you are skilled with a screwdriver and do it yourself.

However, fixing a broken locking mechanism is typically a job for a professional, so you’ll need a seasoned locksmith to fix it. Locks can be maintained, repaired, and revived if the damage isn’t too severe. If your lock cannot be repaired, locksmiths can replace it with a new one.

Misaligned door latch

Over time, most doors, particularly wooden ones, can warp, bow, or become weathered, which can lead to misalignments between the latch and the strike plate. This could cause the lock to stick or prevent it from working properly.. A competent locksmith can reposition your door, realign the latch with the strike plate, and restore proper operation to it.

Stuck Keys

When the key becomes stuck in the lock, that is another frequent issue. However, a lot of people will attempt to force the lock, which can result in irreparable damage, rather than either leaving the key in place or removing it.

The entire lock will need to be drilled and replaced if your key breaks in it, which could be expensive. As a result, if your key becomes stuck or your lock won’t unlock, try carefully removing it before calling your locksmith. Instead of drilling out the lock, they will be able to try to repair it or remove it and replace it.

Doorframe Distortion

Doors and door frames can distort over time, much like locks can after years of use, which can lead to a variety of problems with your locks and locking mechanisms. A locksmith will be able to reposition and realign your doors, locks, and latches to give years more service rather than waiting for the problem to worsen, which could damage your locks beyond repair.

Defective door Mechanism

The large number of door lock problems are caused by malfunctioning mechanisms as a result of regular wear and tear. Your door locks will likely be used hundreds, if not thousands of times a year whether you’re at home or at work. 

Like all mechanical devices, a mechanism can break or become stuck if its component parts experience excessive wear. Your door locks may be a sign that something could go wrong at any time if they start to stick or don’t feel like they are working properly. Give your locksmith a call so they can service or repair it because prevention is frequently preferable to cure.