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Garage Door Lockout Fix Ideas

May 7, 2022
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Getting locked out of a garage is one of the most inconvenient things that can happen to homeowners. It interferes with plans and can make you late to keep up with your daily routine or schedule. While there are many reasons for a garage door lockout, locksmiths reveal that there are some simple ways you can fix this, which are as follows. 

Try The Manual Way 

All modern-day garage doors have a safe release string attached to them which helps with manual release. Similar to this older garage doors have an exterior handle that can trigger the manual release. This exterior release can be found at the bottom or on the surface of the garage door. 

Using this string or exterior handle can help you trigger the switch of the door locks causing it to unlock. Trying this manual method is one of the most hassle-free ways to unlock a garage door when you’re locked out. 

There are two ways through which you can try this manual method ; 


  • From The Outside 

When you’re opening from the outside firstly make sure there is nothing blocking the garage. The release string should ideally be centred near the top of your door. Sometimes there will be a lock that stores the emergency release cable. In that case, you will also need the corresponding key that goes with it. 

However, when you get the release cord from the lock, you can unlock the garage door by turning the handle so that it is vertical. This will open the garage door and make sure it stays up before returning to your car to drive it inside.


  • From The Inside 

From the inside to unlock your garage door, you just have to pull down on the cord and that will easily disconnect the garage door from the trolley, allowing you to manually move the garage door. Again make sure the door stays in place until you can exit, and once you’re out you will want to close it again by gently pulling the door down by hand. 

Invest In a Wi-Fi Enabled Opener 

Another common thing you can do to prevent a situation of garage door lockout is to invest in smart tools like a wifi-enabled garage door opener. A wifi-enabled garage door opener can be controlled using smartphones and tablets through a dedicated app. It bypasses the radiofrequency system when the opener fails and also allows you to monitor the use of a garage door or even lock or disable the system through a digital control panel. 

Use Battery Backup Feature 

As power failures are one of the common reasons why most garage door lockouts happen, it’s good to invest in a battery backup feature for your garage doors. This way even if the power goes out, the garage keypad, opener, and safety sensors will all still work. This also saves you from having to manually work on your garage to open it with the emergency release cord. 

Call a Locksmith

If any of the above ideas don’t seem to work or if relevant features are unavailable, then the best is to opt for a locksmith service. Don’t try DIY hacks, as they can do more harm than good, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. Professional locksmiths have the required tools and systems to fix such an emergency garage door lockout without damage and much more quickly than doing it by yourself.