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Home Security Tips To Keep Your Toddlers Safe

January 21, 2022

Toddlers are extremely curious and active, and they feed this curiosity by exploring their surroundings. To ensure your little ones’ safety, you must take the precautions needed to secure your home. There are several safety measures you can put in place, from making sure you have spare keys to all the rooms, to installing covers over electrical outlets This article will explore a few of the most important ones that concern home security. 


Teach basic safety etiquette

While toddlers will not comprehend information as quickly as six-year-olds, they have sufficient comprehension levels for simple instructions. So make sure to explain basic safety etiquette they are to follow. These include ‘do not let strangers inside the home’ to ‘do not answer the telephone.’ It is best to practice this in a practical setting, as children learn best by seeing than listening at this age. 


Install CCTV cameras indoors

Many homeowners opt to install CCTV cameras outdoors, as this can help discourage burglars and ill-intentioned people from trying to enter your home. In case of home invasions, it is crucial to know what is happening inside your home, so installing indoor CCTV cameras are encouraged. We recommend installing one inside the toddler’s room to capture anything that happens within. This could be from someone entering the room when you are not there to children engaging in behaviour that risks their safety.


Add locks to doors

If you have doors you do not want toddlers to go through, it will be wise to add locks. Children at that age can push or slide doors open. Even handles that are out of reach can easily be accessed by climbing atop chairs. Therefore, it is best to have locks on doors. Child-safety locks are also a good investment as they can stop toddlers from climbing into cupboards and playing with harmful items stored within them. 


Ensure duplicate keys are kept safely

All keys, especially duplicate keys, need to be kept in a secure location. There are two main reasons why: If a person not part of the household gets access to the keys, they could enter your home and possibly harm your toddler. The other reason is that toddlers are likely to play with keys due to their size, increasing the chances of misplacing them. It is better to have duplicates on hand and keep them securely to avoid changing the entire lock or going through the key duplication process again.


Install grills to the window

If there are windows in your home, you need to take the relevant safety measures to safeguard your toddler. While windows without grills are beautiful to look at and give you undisturbed views of the surroundings, they are a huge safety hazard. Toddlers can try to look out or climb through them, increasing the chances of falling out. Even if the window is higher up the wall, toddlers can still climb on top of things and reach them. There are also the dangers of intruders having easy access to the room. Therefore, it is best to have grills installed to ensure that no one can climb out or in.

Your toddler’s safety should be your most important concern. Therefore, follow the above measures to protect them, not just from themselves but others too. For more information on key duplication, lock changes and other services, contact us at Modern Key.