How do Expert Locksmiths Open Doors and Check Locks

How Exactly do Locksmiths Open Locks?

December 21, 2022

At any time, anyone could find themselves locked out of their house, office, or car. When you need to reopen your doors, you might run off and forget your keys only to remember them later. Thankfully, you won’t need to use reckless and expensive methods or break your doors or windows.

Locksmiths can reach you quickly, unlock your door, and allow you to enter your residence or place of business once more. But how do locksmiths unlock door locks? If you’re curious about how a locksmith opens a locked door or you want to make sure the person you hired is doing their job correctly, read on.

Common Door Locks

Only a locksmith has the ability to install and adjust locked doors. They are equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to open any locked door. As new technologies help to secure your property, locksmiths are also qualified to maintain modern security systems.

Nevertheless, how do locksmiths open door locks? Here are the methods that locksmiths can use to open your door, whether you have a conventional lock or an antiquated access control system.

Bump Keys use

You may be familiar with the term "bump keys." They are among the oldest but still in use door-unlocking devices. These keys are designed to enter the pin mechanism of a pin tumbler lock and open it. They function well with doors that have the common tumbler lock found in most homes.

By Lockpicking

A four-pin lock can be opened using the lock picking method. A four-pin lock has four internal rods arranged so that turning the mechanism in a certain direction can unlock it. The length will differ from rod to rod.

In order to turn the mechanism and open your door, you must be able to simultaneously lift all four pins to a specific height. The lock picking kit that locksmiths keep on hand contains the tools needed to raise the pins to the necessary height. But the process necessitates expertise and knowledge.

Block Grilling

The last approach a locksmith will advise using to unlock a typical door is this one. To unlock your door in this case, the locksmith will carefully drill the cylinder. As a result, either a new door lock or a replacement cylinder will be required.


Both the modern home and car have keyless entry mechanisms. This suggests that programming is required in order for your door to open. Professional locksmiths have the skills necessary to reprogramme keyless entry systems to unlock your home or car doors.

If you become locked out of your property, your best course of action is to hire a professional locksmith in Dubai. You run the risk of incurring costly mistakes and putting your property in danger by attempting to change your locks on your own. Never neglect to look into a locksmith’s credentials before hiring them. It is best to exercise caution when granting someone access to your property and to make sure that the work is done well.