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How To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace The Key Fob

May 28, 2022
Car Key Locksmith

There is no arguing that car key fobs are extremely convenient and provide extra protection to your car from potential thefts and break-ins. However, as with any mechanical element, even key fobs can be subject to defaults, which may require a car key locksmith service.  Depending on the problem, car key fobs may need a minor repair or a complete replacement and here is how you can decide on them. 


When To Repair A Key Fob 

  • Led Light Faints Or Doesn’t Blink

If your key fob doesn’t blink or blinks faintly when you press any keys on it, then it’s a clear sign that your battery is drained and needs repair. This is one of the most common key fob problems that need a minor repair or in most cases, a new battery change which won’t take much time. 

  • Key Icon Or Notification On Dashboard Instrument Cluster

Modern cars that have a “push to start” ignition system notify the driver when they can’t detect the car key frequency. You should be able to see this sign as a key icon blinking when you’re driving or as a notification on the screen. Whichever sign you see, it’s an indication that your car key has a minor default with the battery to be repaired or changed. 

  •  Inconsistent Results

Sometimes key fobs may have issues that give out inconsistent results. For example, there can be times when you won’t be able to lock your car on the first try even from a normal distance. These are problems that we are tempted to hold off from fixing, which in truth call for minor repairs and barely take a day to be fixed through a professional locksmith. Depending on the exact issue for this problem you will either need a new battery or an update on the car key programming


When To Replace The Key Fob 

  • The Car Won’t Start 

Generally, your car start button should receive a coded signal from a key fob before it can start the engine. So if you have trouble starting your car, i.e. it won’t start, it means that the battery inside the key fob is dead, too low or drained to send good signals to the keyless entry system, or has an irreversible default that calls for a replacement. 

  • Car Won’t Lock

Just like how you’ll have problems starting the car with a faulty key fob, you’ll probably have issues locking it too.   If your car key fob doesn’t work in sync with the car lock system it indicates a faulty key fob.  An experienced locksmith will be able to hook up the fob up to a computer and make sure the programming is still good. If the fob still doesn’t send a signal, the fob will likely have to be replaced. 

  •  Worsening Signal Strength

Good signal strength should allow you to unlock your car or turn on your car alarm at a fairly long distance. But if you find yourself wanting to maintain a short distance for your key fob to detect signals and unlock your car, then it means it needs a replacement. 

  • Over-Clicking

A key fob in proper working condition should be able to unlock doors with a single try or push to the relevant buttons. If you have to repeatedly click buttons because you’re not sure if the vehicle locked the first time as it shows signs of error or defaults, then you need a key fob replacement.