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How To Secure Your Outdoor Furniture

April 7, 2022
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Many houses have outdoor seating to provide an aesthetic and earthy experience by connecting the house to the garden. However, one of the major concerns relating to outdoor furniture or patio is theft. Here are some methods that can help you secure your outdoor furniture. 

Lock It Up 

Locksmiths recommend locking up your outdoor furniture as the best and most physically proactive step you can take to protect outdoor furniture. There are many options similar to door locks that can help you securely lock up the patio area and prevent access into it at night or when no one is home. If you have furniture that sits on a concrete patio, you can consider anchoring it to the floor. 

Install Security Cameras

While installing security cameras will not make it physically harder for theft attempts, it certainly makes it hard for them to do it unnoticed. The presence of a well-placed and visible security camera is enough to send a thief to another potential location. Make sure the camera is installed professionally, covering all the angles from where an intruder can come in.

Keep the Area Well Lit

Darkness is a thief’s best friend. When a thief strikes in the night and your yard or garden looks dark, they can easily steal and get away as long as no noise is made. So it is highly recommended to keep outdoor spaces with furniture well-lit. If you’re concerned about electricity bills or if they might disturb the neighbours, install motion-activated lights. In fact, they make a better choice as the sudden appearance of light due to motion-sensing can startle off the thief and alert you of any possible intruders. 

Fence In Your Yard 

Privacy fences offer security in many ways. In the case of outdoor furniture, it will be logistically difficult for a thief to get furniture out of the yard. It’s also best to have  locks on the fence’s gate that requires keys from both the outside and inside of the yard. After all, you don’t have to fence your yard only to leave an easy way out for someone who has climbed over the fence. A residential locksmith can properly cater to all these fence locking services as per your requirements. 

Keep Landscaping Well-Trimmed

If you don’t have a fence or don’t find the need to install one, then it’s best to make sure your yard’s or garden’s landscaping and surrounding shrubbery don’t provide protective cover to a burglar. A well-trimmed landscape should allow you, your neighbor and the people on the street to see people coming and going from your yard clearly. This will reduce the coverage a thief has to sneak into your yard unnoticed, and get access to the outdoor furniture. 

Place Warning Signs 

Posting warning signs is an easy way to scare off intruders. You can easily make some flyers or buy some pre-made signs and post them anywhere visible around the patio or outdoor seating area where the furniture is. You can try “You are on Camera”,“Beware Of Dog” or  “The Owner Of This Property Is Armed” – anything that’s noticeable and intimidating enough to break a thief’s spirit.