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Increasing the Security of Your Home With Professional Lock Installation

February 28, 2023

The rate of burglaries, house break-ins, and vandalism are known to increase when individuals are away at work, tending to personal issues, or asleep at night. Gullible people continue to suffer the loss of these thefts as burglars carry out their malicious activities to their disadvantage.

We also think that as a homeowner, securing your house and guarding your belongings against vandalism and theft should be your top priority. For these reasons, we have compiled essential ideas for enhancing home security below.

Lock all your entrances

The simplest and most obvious way to increase the security surrounding your property is to make sure that all entry points, including front doors, windows, garage doors, and attics, are closed securely. While keeping your windows and doors closed may not completely prevent a break-in, it will make it more difficult for burglars to get access to your home. Locking all doors hiring an expert locksmith in Dubai and getting your locks fixed is a preventative measure you may take to safeguard your family, your possessions, and yourself from persons who mean you harm.

Install security locks

The kind of lock you use on your doors is equally as crucial as keeping your space locked. The more levers that need to be pulled in order to open a door, the more difficult it is for robbers to enter. You may decide to utilize a 3-lever mortise lock to strengthen the security of your locks in order to boost the security of your residences. Installing magnetic locks is an additional choice. Massive pounds of force can be withstood by magnetic locks, which can also lock from both sides. Hence it is nearly impossible to break in. The one drawback of magnetic locks is the possibility of a break-in during a power outage. Lastly, a smart lock allows you to remotely close all entries from a mobile device, even when you’re not at home.

Keep your spare keys safe and don’t reveal passcodes

Even though you must have extra keys, avoid concealing them in plain sights, such as beneath imitation rocks, potted plants, small shrubs, or doormats. Any skilled burglar will know where to seek because these locations are well-known hiding places for keys. Instead, leave your keys with a family member, close friend, or trustworthy neighbor. If you reside in a smart home, keep your passcode a secret as well. To protect your home, limit knowledge of your passcode to a maximum of two trustworthy individuals if you must reveal it.

Install security cameras

Purchasing security cameras is another smart move to increase the security of your house. No thief or intruder wants to be apprehended. Security cameras will therefore deter trespassers from your property in addition to having the added benefit of rapidly identifying a thief in the event of an intrusion.

The placement of security cameras can also be done covertly to prevent break-ins and their destruction.

Install security alarms

A necessity for protecting your home is security alarms. When someone enters your property without permission, these alarms alert you and the police. They can quickly detect suspicious activity in and around your home and follow the human movement. You won’t need to worry about your home’s security while you are away thanks to security alarms. You may be sure that if something happens while you are away, the appropriate authorities will be informed.