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Keeping Your Home Secured During A Long Vacation

January 7, 2022

When traveling on vacation, regardless of where you are going or how long you’ll be gone for, the last thing you would want to do is worry about the safety of your home. Home burglaries occur quite frequently, with around 1.65 million happening each year. While the overall number has declined, the pandemic and the resulting economic downturn have led to a recent spike. Burglaries mostly occur when the home is empty for an extended time. You must always ensure your residence is adequately secured before leaving to avoid your belongings being stolen. You can improve the security of your home and personal effects with the following tactics.


Ensure the locks are working properly

The first thing you and your family need to do is ensure that all the locks on doors, windows, drawers, and cupboards are in working condition. Faulty locks can easily break open, providing burglars easy access to your home. While you can check the stability of each lock, it is best to call a professional locksmith. We have all the knowledge, tools and experience required to detect even minor faults in the locking mechanisms and carry out lock changes


Lock every cupboard in every room

A usual mistake many individuals make is they only lock the bedroom doors and fail to secure the drawers and cupboards within the room. If burglars can gain access into the room, they will be able to take everything within it. So make sure to lock every cupboard and drawer. It also needs to be noted that while many secure their jewelry and money, other valuable items can be left out. These include laptops, equipment, clothes, accessories, and even collectables. All of these must be kept in drawers or cupboards that can be locked to deter burglars and to add another layer of security. 


Make sure the keys are stored away safely

While it is best to carry all the keys with you when you travel, there must be duplicates available in case of emergencies. You can contact a professional to carry out key duplication and have a few extra pairs as a backup. As these are not meant to be taken with you, they should be kept in a secure space to ensure that any burglar who breaks in cannot access them. It is best to consider places that are difficult to access or in an unlikely location. Loose floorboards or bricks, outdoor bbq machines, and even flower pots can be good places to hide keys. However, make sure that they are securely wrapped in vacuum bags to avoid exposure to harmful elements.


Install automatic lights and CCTV cameras

The most effective way to discourage a burglar is to indicate that someone might be home. You can do this by using automatic lights set to turn on at specific times. It is also wise to install CCTV cameras to record any break-ins and help identify burglars. The prospect of being recorded also tends to discourage anyone who is considering invading your home.

The best way to secure your home is through a combination of measures to prevent break-ins and those that stop items from being taken away in case they happen. By using the above tactics, you can enjoy peace of mind when you are vacationing. For more information on lock replacements and other services, contact us at Modern Key.