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Locked Out? Here Are 5 Useful Tips For Homeowners

March 21, 2022
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Getting locked out of your house can be a very scary experience, especially if it’s at night. You can feel vulnerable and lonely, and might feel awkward when people pass by looking at you suspiciously. 

In worse cases someone might think that you’re a burglar and call the police.  According to professional locksmiths who’ve been in the industry for some time, here are tips that can be useful when you as a homeowner get locked out of your house. 

1.Call Someone Who Has A Spare Key 

The first and best thing you can do if you’re locked out of your house is to reach out to someone who has a spare key. This is possible if you live with a partner or family, as they are likely to have a spare key to access the home when you’re not there. 

If you’re a renter, then reach out to your landlord. Most landlords and rental agencies have a spare key on hand, which can let you into your house. 

Sometimes when traveling for business or going on vacation, you might have given a spare key for your friend, family member, or even the neighbors to take care of your pets and plants. If you have done this, call them and ask if the keys are still available to let you back into the house. If you don’t have a spare key at all, then it’s high time to consider getting one through a key duplication service to prevent similar inconvenient situations from happening again. 

2. See If a Window Or The Backdoor  Is Open

If you don’t have spare keys, check if any of your windows or backdoor are open. Remember that it is not safe for you to leave your windows or backdoors open when you’re not at home, as it makes it easier for burglars to break into your house. 

However, if you have forgotten to close your windows or back door before leaving the house and you got locked out, then it works in your favor, as now you have an easy way to get into your house. Be extremely cautious when getting through an open window, especially if the window is too far from the ground.

3.Ask a Neighbor For Help Or For a Warm Place to Stay

Your neighbor  might have special tools that can help you unlock the door, if it’s urgent. Or if you’re waiting for someone who has a spare key to arrive, then it’s best to stay at your neighbors place until you can get back to your house. This tip is useful when it’s raining, snowing, too hot, or too cold to be outside for long. However, to do this, you should ideally have a good-healthy relationship with your neighbor. 

4.Contact An Emergency Locksmith

If no tips seem to be working, then the best solution is to contact an emergency locksmith. Emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 . It wouldn’t be wrong to say that in case you don’t have a spare key, the best way to solve a locked-out situation is through a locksmith. 

They have special tools and techniques that allow them to open up a locked door without affecting the integrity or functionality of the door which will keep the door lock still intact. Meaning, you won’t have to replace your door knob or lock because it’s damaged as you attempt to get into your house.

This is also a very affordable option than replacing a window screen or a door that you’ve kicked down as you attempt to break-in. 

So unless it’s a desperate situation where you have a kid or toddlers inside and you can’t wait on the locksmith to come and help you get into the house, it’s always best to get professional services before doing anything destructive to your house.