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Safety Tips To Prevent Toddlers From Getting Locked In Cars

February 14, 2022
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There are many things tossed in one’s way as a parent and it’s normal to get distracted. From making sure everything is loaded into the car when heading out somewhere to double-checking if the house is safely locked, parents have a lot going on before actually getting into the car and setting off. As a result, kids locking themselves inside cars has now become increasingly common. 

These incidents happen either when parents lock kids inside the cars accidentally, or the kids themselves do it out of curiosity. It can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if the kids are all by themselves inside. Here are some simple tips you can follow to prevent your toddlers from getting locked in. 

 Take Your Kids With You Whenever You Can 

It’s best to never leave your kids in the car alone and take them with you whenever you leave the car, especially if they are without any adult supervision. It gives you peace of mind, and your child getting playful in the car out of boredom and accidentally locking themselves inside can be avoided. 

Besides this, a child left in a parked car under high temperature even for a few minutes can very quickly become distressed and dehydrated. During summer, the temperature inside a parked car (away from shade) can be higher than the outside temperature itself. 

This is why in some states like Florida in the US, where the temperature is generally high it’s a mandatory law to take the kids out of the vehicle even if parents are running quick errands. By making this a habit, you can surely get into the practice of taking your kids with you even on your busiest days. 

Have A Spare Key 

Having a spare key is a standard tip to prevent yourself from getting locked inside a car. A spare key is extremely useful in times of urgency. Even in the event that you lose your keys while your child is locked in, having a spare key can be a life-saver. With the help of a reliable professional locksmith, you can easily get a key duplication service at a reasonable rate than you would get at a car dealership

Don’t make the mistake of having the spare key in the same key holder as the primary key as you might lose them altogether. Keep the spare key in a safe and designated location where you can reach it from the outside (most people keep it under the car when leaving it parked). Have it in your wallet or anything else that you carry around always. It is also recommended that you consider a lock change when you lose your car keys for safety purposes, as anybody having your lost key can access your car. 

Keep Car Keys Away From Children And Lock Car Doors 

Never keep car keys within the reach of your child. Have a designated place to keep them which is away from the sight of children. The auto-lock feature in the key fob makes it possible for a toddler to lock themselves in if they get hold of the key and get into the car. 

Similarly, keep your car doors locked all the time, even when parked at your home garage. Oftentimes many people keep their car doors unlocked out of convenience when at home. Your children can get into the car out of curiosity and accidentally lock themselves inside. To prevent this, always make it a regular habit to lock your cars. 

Have A Locksmith’s Number  On Speed Dial

Despite taking many preventive measures, sometimes accidents do happen, so it’s always best to prepare for the “just in case” scenarios. If your child is locked inside the car at the height of the heat day, then immediate actions are extremely important. Having the number of your go-to locksmith on speed dial can help you with this situation. Most locksmith services are available 24/7 and will have no problem showing up any time of the day.