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Security Issues When Buying An Older Home

February 28, 2022
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People buy older properties for many reasons: better prices, a strong character, sturdier materials, better locations and so on. However, if you’re considering buying an older house, the most critical aspect you should focus on is its security. Older homes tend to have more security issues than newer ones due to their depreciating nature. Here are such issues you should consider before you move into an older house.

Old Locks 

One of the major security issues risking older homes is their locks which can also be old, worn down, or obsolete. While this is not a standard rule of thumb, it is usually the case with most antique homes. Although old locks may match and complement the personality of an old house, they are less than ideal security-wise. 

As these locks have been exposed to daily wear and tear over the decades, and have accumulated years of rusting from the harsh elements, they have higher chances of breaking down at any time. They also won’t be able to keep up with the advanced lock picking tools used by burglars today. 

To eliminate these threats and vulnerabilities, it’s best to consider a lock replacement before you move into an old house. It’s highly recommended to replace old locks with at least commercial grade 2 or 1 deadbolt locks for more security. 

No Alarm Systems In Place 

Most older homes don’t have alarm systems because they might not have been as widely available during the time they were built. Some antique homes may come with an outdated alarm system that is not suitable to meet the advanced security needs of today. 

The best solution here is to upgrade the alarm system to the latest model. Consider a good alarm with sensors on the doors and windows. Connect your alarm to a local security company so they can immediately come over in case of any suspicious activity.  

Try installing alarm systems that arm and disarm or control the front door locks using your mobile. All these features in the latest alarm systems let you control the security of your house, even if you’re away from the house for a long vacation. 

Obsolete Garage Doors And Locks 

Older homes come with old garage doors or door remote controls that have not been fixed for many years. They have the most security issues as they can increase the risk of burglary, especially if the garage is connected to the house through an additional door that doesn’t have a sturdy lock and is easy to break. 

First, find out if the garage door has a good security lock. If it has a traditional lock system, then consider updating it with locks that operate with a remote. And if the door is completely deteriorated then get it completely replaced with a remote door. 

Always consider fitting garage doors with a commercial grade door lock that come with key cylinders and T handles. Also, make sure to purchase an approved type of lock. This can be sourced and installed properly through professional locksmith services. Most locksmiths also offer a side lock for a garage door that includes a zinc-plated steel lock and springs with latch bolts to tighten security even further. 

While these are some common security issues in older homes, hazards like old wiring, clogged pipes, outdated electrical outlets can also endanger yourself and your family. If you’re unsure which part of the house needs upgrading in an older house in terms of security, then consider a security audit. This is a locksmith service that will systematically assess the safety of your house through a security risk assessment. It’s an excellent way to identify security issues that need attention.