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The Advantages Of Keyless Entry Locks

December 21, 2021

Security is a top priority whether it’s for your workplace, your home or even your car. With the advancement of access control technology, security options have moved to other unique options alongside the traditional lock-and-key methods. One such option is the keyless entry locks, which allows entrance without the use of traditional keys. Keyless entry system allows entry in different ways, but all of them give a common set of benefits as follows, be it for your commercial or residential properties or even your car. 


With keyless entry locks, you don’t have to fish around your bags or pockets for keys. You can just enter the code in the system, scan your card or let the sensors pick up your fob. With a traditional key and lock system, keys can be lost. Although such circumstances can be avoided with the right key duplication service, it can be time consuming and expensive if this is a frequent occurrence for you. In such cases, a keyless entry lock system is the best option. It gives the convenience to not worry about losing or misplacing a key as long as you remember your security code. 

Easy To Manage For Differently-abled  And Seniors 

Using a traditional key requires some manual dexterity. While this is easily managed by the average person, it can be difficult for seniors and differently-abled individuals. As keyless entry locks require very little skill to operate, it’s an inclusive and easy option for anyone to use to access their homes, offices, and cars.

Better Security

Traditional keys can be copied easily. With the right equipment, a traditional key can be copied in under 3 minutes. With expert locksmith services, you can get a unique key cutting service that cannot be replicated elsewhere. If not, the best solution to a lost key is, rekeying or lock replacement

Another significant advantage keyless entry locks offer over the previously mentioned options is that they require every authorized user to have a unique credential to give them access. So the chances of an intruder stealing or copying your key are significantly less. 

You can also provide a unique code for each person who enters the house or business premises. So even in the event of anyone moving out of your house or an employee leaving an office, you can simply delete their access code from the system, which will prevent them from accessing your premises. 

Remote Access

If you opt for a cloud-based keyless entry lock system, it will also have remote access. Meaning admins have the ability to make adjustments to visitors’ schedules or adjustments on when to lock and unlock doors without having to be on-site physically. This can be very useful for business premises or properties with multiple locations. 

Better Data Insight

Another unique advantage of keyless lock entry systems is the encrypted communication that authenticates credentials and can track all entry activity in real-time. This can be very beneficial in times if you audit the system regularly or for responding to emergencies or security threats in real-time. With a traditional lock-key system, you can only tell who opened the doors if you have a video surveillance system with time stamps.