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The Different Types Of Door Locks & Keys

June 21, 2022
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The locksmith industry has evolved a lot during the years, especially with residents and business owners looking for innovative ways to tighten the security of their properties. As a matter of fact, nowadays there are countless types of door locks and keys that you can choose from depending on your precise security and aesthetic requirements. Here we have rounded up the five most common types of door locks and keys that you should know about considering a key or lock replacement.  


Door Locks

1. Knob Locks

This is one of the most common types of door locks used and available and also the chief security method for most doors.  In a knob lock, the lock’s cylinder is located in the knob itself instead of the door. So this lock cannot be used on exterior doors without a deadbolt, as they can be easily broken with basic tools like a hammer or wrench. 

2. Cam Locks

These types of door locks have a fastener with an attached arm or cam that rotates to the lock. They are cylindrical and feature a metal tube with a hole in one side which helps to position the bolt when it is inserted. This type of lock is mostly used in vending machines, file cabinets, desks or display cases to avoid unauthorized access. 

3. Deadbolt Locks

This is a type of lock that is renowned among locksmiths for providing stronger protection against burglary. They feature lock bolts that move with the turning of a knob or eye without a spring. They have a unique locking mechanism that resists physical attacks, boring and battering, making them less susceptible to break-ins. 

4. Keypad Locks

This type of lock is opened using an attached numerical keypad instead of a key. They are usually battery-powered or mechanical and generally utilize deadbolt locks, knob locks or mortise locks for the actual locking mechanism. Some keypad locks allow multiple custom codes to easily restrict access. 



  • Double-Sided & Four-Sided Key 

This key has either two or four sets of teeth and is more widely used for homes. Homeowners mostly opt for this key as it provides a high level of durability and the extra teeth make the lock more difficult to pick. 

  •  Dimple Key 

This type of key features a number of dimples in various sizes along the blade. Once inserted into the lock the dimples must line up properly to unlock the door. This key is exactly the same on either side, making it easy and faster to open doors since you don’t have to figure out the correct way to insert the key. 

  • Magnetic Key 

As the name says, this type of key features magnets with passive systems and no electronics required. This type of key is commonly used in locks such as lever locks, deadbolts, and cylinder locks. Since this key requires the grouping of magnets to be very specific to operate and lock and unlock, they are also considered incredibly secure. You can even pick a lock that uses magnetic keys as it needs physical force to move the tumblers into the proper orientation. 

  • Primary Key

This is a type of key that performs as the main key in a building. You can simply open every single door in a building using this key, although these doors might also have keys that match the particular lock of a room. Although this is a type of key commonly used in offices, where the manager will have access to all the rooms in the office in case of emergencies, they are now being used in apartments as well. As a tenant, you will have your own key for your unit but your landlord or building manager will have a primary key.