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What You Need To Know About Key Safes

April 28, 2022
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Key safes are becoming a highly demanded locksmith service in recent times. However, despite the popularity, many homeowners are still finding it difficult to understand the concept of key safes and why they need one. This article will give a clear idea of all you need to know about key safes and how they can be of help. 

What Is It? 

A key safe in simple terms is a mechanical box that can be attached to the wall of a property. It is used to store spare keys or keys to the house. On the front of this box is a panel used for entering the code. The key safe can only be opened by someone who knows the programmed code. This keeps the key away from unauthorized access and proves to be an extremely secure way to store spare keys. 

Are They Safe? 

Another common question many have is if it’s safer than other alternative options for storing the keys. This includes leaving the key under a pot, doormat, or as an assigned secure place around the house. Nowadays burglars have learned all the hacks homeowners use to keep the keys. 

Statistics have shown that 30% of people leave keys outside their house, and 11% of them agree that their keys have been lost and break-in attempts have been made, warranting a lock replacement.  To combat these, a professionally installed key safe can be the best and most secure option for homeowners. 

Why You May Need One 

If you’re still wondering how it can benefit you and why you may need one, here are some points to look at. 

  • Saves Money And Time 

As the statistics say, losing keys hidden somewhere outside the house is real, and this happening many times can make you want a new key each time.  Getting your keys copied can be time consuming and expensive. With a key safe, you can just give the access code to your family members or anyone sharing the house with you instead of having a spare key. 

  • Convenience For Family, Friends, And Caretakers 

Sometimes we may need additional help to look after us, especially when we are old. When looking back at 2020 during restrictions and coronavirus, many elderly people were struggling with the inability to buy groceries and medications. 

A key safe makes it easy for such elderly people to give easy access to homes for friends, family or caregivers. This saves them from the need to move about when they hear the doorbells ring. However, it’s recommended to give your key safe code only to people who are trustworthy and reliable. Also, you can change the code whenever you feel you need to. 

  • In Case Of Emergencies 

One of the main reasons why you need a key safe is to get help during emergencies.  The last thing you want is emergency services to force or break their way into your property. It can get extremely costly in case the doors need a lock change or replacement afterwards.