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Why Your Car Keys May Not Be Working

November 21, 2021

Sometimes we all have days where nothing is going right. For example, you may be rushing to go somewhere, and your car keys suddenly don’t work. The possible thing to do with any car key or lock issue is to get help from a professional locksmith nearby. However, knowing why your car key may not be working can help you understand what problems need to be solved. 

With so many different types of car keys nowadays, the reason they don’t work could be anything. So here we have summed up the three common reasons why your car key may not be working. 

Damaged Lock

A primary cause why car keys don’t work is a problem to do with the lock and not the key itself. There are instances where the internal mechanisms of your locks may be damaged, causing the car keys not to work effectively. 

There is less chance of this happening with modern cars that make use of key fobs. But if you’re driving an older model car that requires you to insert the key, the chances of your lock damaging are very high. With older cars, repeatedly inserting the key into the lock can wear off the lock and reduce its functionality.

As you might be able to guess, this cause that makes your keys non-functional does not arise immediately but  can be attributed to wear-and-tear over time. So it’s always best to contact an automotive locksmith as soon as you start receiving any warning signs of a possible lock failure. 

If your car lock is the reason your keys don’t work, then the locksmith may provide a car lock replacement service. 

Damaged Keys

A damaged key may not look how you would expect it to. It isn’t essentially something that is broken into pieces. A damaged key can even result from minor damages, which may not be apparent. 

Your car key can be damaged by the wearing off of grooves on the keys, which will eventually lose their shape and stop functioning optimally. With such a key you won’t be able to open a car, as the grooves of the car key are connected with the internal mechanism of the car lock. So it’s always best to reach out to a locksmith once you see signs of wearing on your key. 

Sometimes your car key can be damaged due to bends as well. If that’s the cause, the car key won’t fit into the lock or open the door. 

If your car key isn’t working because of any such damages, you will need a car key cutting or car key duplication service to sort the problem. 

Faulty Ignition Cylinder

The car keys are designed and meant to work along with the ignition of your car; they are not meant to work alone. So if there are any faults detected in the parts that are associated with your car keys, like the ignition, your car keys will not function properly. This problem isn’t easily identifiable unless diagnosed by a locksmith or a mechanic

Apart from these, there can be instances where your key fob batteries tend to wear off. You can easily identify this if you notice your car is not receiving signals from your key fob. In such cases, you don’t need a locksmith; all it needs is a battery replacement.